8am - 10am Red Rose Country

10am - 12pm The Electric Radio Show.

12pm - 3pm The American Breakfast - With Justin Harris

3pm - 4pm The John Lebang Show!

4pm - 5pm RockStar Classics! - Anselm Anderson

5pm - 7pm Brian Rorke's Rock Show

7 pm - 8 pm James G's Music Variety Show!

8pm - 10pm RMOTW - Mixed Rock And Mainstream Indie.

10pm - 11pm John Farmery - The Seventies Express Show.

        11pm - 2am The Kevin Holly Show! 



10am - 12pm Peter Antony's Q-Burn Syndicated.

12pm - 1pm Mel's Melody Mix

1pm - 2pm The American Breakfast - With Justin Harris

2pm- 4pm Brian Rorkes Rock Show!

4pm - 5pm Time For Country With Ben Morris.
5pm - 6pm The Sixties Express - With John Farmery.
6pm - 8pm Brian Walkers Classic Soul.
8pm - 10pm An Evening Of Shenanigans - With Martin M
10pm - 12am The Echo Chamber with DJ Echo Killer


8am - 10am RMOTW - 100% Indie Rock,Country,Alternative. 
10am - 12pm Pete Matthewman - My Country Australia!
12pm - 2pm The American Breakfast - With Justin Harris.

2pm - 3pm The John Lebang Show.
3pm - 6pm Doe's DollyMixtures Show.

6pm - 7pm Across The Decades With Carl Allen.

7pm - 8pm The Midweek Roast - With Pete Manning.

8pm - 10pm The Barry Tickler Show.
10pm - 12am The Echo Chamber with DJ Echo Killer


12am - 2am DD's Local And Proud.

10am - 11am - NMS60 - Dr.Bones & Mike Five. 

11:00am - 12:00pm Good Morning Mechanicsville.  - Don Curtis 

12pm - 2pm The Irish Connection - With Declan Lavergne

        2pm - 3pm The Independent Music Show - Tom Lambert

3pm - 5pm Brian Rorkes Rock Show!

5pm - 6pm The Paul Farrar Comedy Show.

6pm - 8pm Lady Plays The Blues. - Marion Miller

8pm - 9pm Into The Unknown - Dave Horrocks

9pm - 11pm djvalerie's 3 in 1 show (bit of this that n tuther)

11pm - 12am The Echo Chamber with DJ Echo Killer



12am - 1am After Hours with Fred Setters.

6am - 6:30am Good Morning Mechanicsville.  - Don Curtis  

10am - 11am The Health & Style Show

11am - 12pm The John Lebang Music Hour!
12pm - 1pm Mel's Melody Mix
2pm - 4pm Brian Rorke's Rock Show!
4pm - 5pm Camp Classics & 80's Anthems - With Alan and Terry

5pm - 7pm Drive Time With Simon J

7pm-8pm The Pete Manning Show.

8pm - 10pm  Big Blues Bonanza!  With Joe Singleton.



12am - 2am Mix Master Precise - The Fun House!

9am - 10am Pete Manning - The Weekend Wash.

11am - 12pm Saturday Morning Fever - Paul Campion.

12pm - 2pm RMOTW - 100% Indie Rock

2pm - 4pm Dolly's Dance floor - With "Doe."

4pm - 6pm The Echo Chamber with DJ Echo Killer

6pm - 8pm  The Rock Stop! - With Martin M

8pm - 9pm Back 2 Buisness! With Simon James.

9pm - 10pm Anything Goes!. - With Darren Glancey.

10pm - 1am The T.L.C Show With - Barry Smith.


1am - 2am Into The Unknown "Revisited" - Dave Horrocks

2am - 3am Drummers Paradise . MixMaster Precise!

9am - 10am Pete manning Before Brunch!

10am - 12pm Sounds Irish

12pm - 1pm Sunday Afternoons With Don Curtis.

1pm - 2pm Electric City - Dj Fred Setters

2pm - 3pm The American Connection - With Brian Clough.

3pm - 4pm Classics We Love - Rod Hardisty.

4pm - 5pm The Tommy G Radio Show

5pm - 7pm Brian Rorkes Rock Show!

                                                                        7pm - 8pm   Mix Master Precise! - The Fun House.

8pm - 9pm Dave Horrock's Music Mix!

  9pm - 10pm The 80's Show - John Farmery.

10pm - 12am Diane's Vinyl Vaults.

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