Thursdays Schedule  



                                                                                                                                                      1am - 4am The Kevin  Holly Show Live!

4am - 6am - "Cygnus X-1 Paranormal with Rod and Jamie" (LIVE from the US)

6am till 8 am Rise and Shine Breakfast - With Matty Smith

8am - 9am Slot Available - You could be here!

 9am - 11am The Mick Casey Music Request Show

11:00am - 12:00pm Good Morning Mechanicsville.  - Don Curtis

12pm - 2pm The American Breakfast - With Justin Harris

   2pm - 4pm Slot Available - You could be here!

4pm - 5pm Slot Available - You could be here!

5pm - 7pm The Darren Kyle Show.

7pm - 9pm The Thursday Night Take Over! - With James Shields

9pm - 11pm Dj vals juke box cafe lounge bar.

11pm - 2am MixMaster Precise's Fun House Live! 


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